Saturday 21st July & Sunday 22nd July 2018

A fantastic new public event in Hamlet Court Road to celebrate local place. Local shops and businesses are invited to support the event and offer something different, perhaps a new offer or discount to help the community enjoy the day and to encourage business. If a business wants to use the ‘Love Hamlet Court Road’ logo, say for social media purposes, please just email us at one of the contact email addresses and will provide a free logo. The local community is invited to visit or extend a visit in Hamlet Court Road – try something new, something different and support your local shops and businesses.

1. Spend time in the street
2. Look up at the amazing architecture
3. Support 1 or 2 extra shops
4. Stop for some refreshment
5. Take breakfast, lunch or an evening meal
6. Make an extra purchase
7. Visit us at our gazebo
8. Support the road in your own way


  1. hi there guys hope your all ok. im the owner of amore coffee shop/cafe amore at 137 hamlet court road. how do i get involved in this ? we are all for attracting more people down here so let me know what we can do to help

    1. Hi Brad, very pleased to hear from you. We really encourage traders to get involved and join up. You’ll see on our website that our constitution is drafted to represent and encourage economic development alongside conservation so it is deliberately aimed at helping traders. Please support Love Hamlet Court Road and if you wish to sponsor the event we would need to know very soon! Otherwise we will be distributing posters and we would encourage you to build the event into your own marketing – our recent letter to you explains more. Otherwise email us and we can speak directly.