Milton Society calls for ‘wider area’ conservation designation review in Hamlet Court

30 October 2023

Milton Society has applied to Southend City Council for a review of their 2021 decision not to designate the so called ‘wider area’ of Hamlet Court as a conservation area. The area includes lower Hamlet Court Road, Ditton Court, Preston and Cossington Roads. This follows the 92.5% survey support from the public for wider designation.

New evidence of the importance of local Edwardian architecture has resulted from a survey of local turrets which, in Southend, all centre on Hamlet Court Road and the neighbouring Leas area.

And numerous mistakes and falsehoods have been uncovered from the earlier Council considerations.

We hope that a review can lead to the designation of all of Hamlet Court Road (south of London Road) and the surrounding roads to help protect and regenerate the area, attracting new initiatives and heritage funding to the area.

A comprehensive document has been put forwards and the Leader of the Council has been asked to back up the Conservatives spring 2023 election manifesto commitment to designate.

Watch this space as further developments unfold…..