Supporting Hamlet Court Road

Age Concern have two current planning applications to convert the Havens store into a community centre for the elderly. As much as we support the good works of Age Concern we have objected to this application because it takes away the retail use that is so important to the retail trade of Hamlet Court Road and to the importance of this historic, Listed, Art Deco store. This could adversely affect the long term future of the road and so we support a modern, adaptive, retail use, as happens elsewhere, perhaps incorporating a café and workshops to support new businesses. The building is unsuited for the types of sub-division proposed and this would damage the beautiful open store interior. We also suggest that a deep plan building with difficult access and very little natural light is not the best place to care for the elderly. You see these applications on the Southend Council website.

One thought on “Supporting Hamlet Court Road

  1. Many references to the elderly in this article to which I object. I’m a member of club 50+ and I understand that the present activities at Queens road will take place on the first floor. These include table tennis, short mat bowls, snooker, dancing, keep fit and more, hardly caring for the elderly as you put it. I believe Age Concerne will move from a few doors away to the ground floor. There will be a cafe.

    Thanks for your comments John. It is the planning application itself that refers to and then sets out the care for the elderly community, from the activities you mention to counselling and chiropody, etc. We support this, just not in this building which has numerous unsuitable aspects that we have presented to the Council – HCCF