Oct 2017: ENS on board for Regeneration

ENS Recruitment, probably the largest employer in Hamlet Court Road with around 70 staff, have recently met with us and given their full support to our conservation and regeneration work in the Hamlet Court area. This is fantastic news, a real boost to our work and with such a significant company ‘signing up’ we hope that others will follow in due course. As well as the protection of the amazing local historical architecture we have discussed how businesses like ENS can help us to grow and get involved with various community projects, such as improved refuse collection – a problem highlighted by many people in the area. We plan to launch a pilot project to see how we can help identify local refuse problems and then strategically influence planning and collection. This will take some effort, over time, but there’s no point in not having ambition!

ENS occupy a building that might be described as a baby brother to Havens, further up the road. Dating from the 30’s-40’s the early steel frame structure is clad with ornamental faience cladding and clear references the Havens building.

If you are a business in Hamlet Court Road please consider following ENS’ lead and join us to help save and improve the heritage and economy of the area.