Early encouragement from Council meeting…

September 28th 2017: This week we gave a presentation to Southend Council’s Conservation Working Party and Council Members and local conservationists considered our proposition that the Hamlet Court Area might become a new Conservation Area, subject to further detailed appraisal, which we have offered to carry out ourselves, which would then be considered by the Council. Enthusiastic support was widely expressed throughout the room with the outcome that the proposition is now going to the next stage, consideration by Council Cabinet. This is but one small step on a long road to protecting the local historic area but it is very positive for our town. Further reports are expected this side of Christmas so keep following these news messages.

One thought on “Early encouragement from Council meeting…

  1. I am very grateful to all of you for starting this important forum. I was dismayed that Havens decided to close earlier in the year but was relieved when the building was listed which will hopefully preserve the building for posterity.
    I spoke to the employees in the Midland Bank building about the lovely woodwork that still remained in the banking hall – I do hope that this has been saved by the new owners and that they will restore the old domed roof on the building.
    The bottle store next to Pavarotti still has some of the wonderful original wood shelves which would be lovely to conserve.
    So many of the houses in the area are being damaged by enthusiastic builders – the latest on the corner of Preston & Canewdon Road lost its beautiful stained glass windows only in the last few weeks and the house across the road (The Hollies) was damaged by a terrible paint job.
    I so hope that we can get a conservation area arranged to help preserve these wonderful old houses and shops if possible.
    Please let me know if I can be of any help