Council propose designation area

The area for conservation designation in Westcliff has now been proposed by the Leigh Councillor heading this up with officers has the top end of Hamlet Court Road only. In part this is great news and will be wonderful for Westcliff to see our rich heritage contribute to economic regeneration, hopefully with access to new funding streams. But we have been making the case for 3 years for the whole of HCR and the local residential roads to be protected and this was what 91.5% of the public said they wanted in our public survey. This area is at least equal if not greater historically and architecturally than Leigh (especially the east Broadway designated 40 years ago) and is supported by Dr Mervyn Miller who is a world authority on Garden Suburbs. The Council’s own survey failed with only 8 respondents so there is absolutely no public backing in ignoring this wider area. We will keep making the case and when this goes to Council Cabinet in November we hope our Councillors will choose to support the public and widen the potential for designation. Please keep supporting the work by taking the survey which will be closing in the coming weeks (more news to follow) here or post your view