A Momentous Time for Hamlet Court Road

Last October the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced substantial funding for British High Streets including £44m for historic High Streets. HCCF has been working very hard to encourage the Council to support a bid for up to £2m of this money and the recent change in Administration has seen support coming from the Labour and Liberal Democrat groups. We can make the bid and we believe we have a good chance of success – we have already indicated our interest to Historic England (who are running the fund) and they are well aware of Hamlet Court Road’s special interest. However, it all depends upon Conservation Area designation and general support from the Council. We are lobbying very hard for the top half of Hamlet Court Road (south of London Road) to have a fast track Conservation Area designation and for the Council to partner with the local community for the bid. So as we write it is a case of wait and see but with a 12th July deadline for the bid we will know soon if our Council are going to support our work and aspirations.

The image opposite shows what can be achieved with before and after pictures for The Strand in Derby